Where My Own Truest Wealth Lies

I am slowly painting myself more and more into this room over time. Filling it with people, memories, art and colors that represent all the best things in my life. The canvas was so great to begin with; the color... like the color of the lake, the river, and the sea... on a warm summer day. The river reflects in shiny waves that undulate and dance across the walls like a silent light symphony and the capiz shell wind chimes have this really sweet sparkling sound whenever someone opens a door and lets the air in.

We hung my favorite blue abstract flower painting on the wall this afternoon. Finally. I've been dreaming about doing that since we signed the papers on this house. I went to the bookstore this week and I bought Oprah's new book, mostly because it is filled with scenes from her home on Maui, just up the road from the little Star Lookout I love with all my heart; my home away from home. 

Five months now, we've been in our new home. Tonight I sit under a blanket beside the window, fireplace glowing. I'm watching the snowflakes dance with the darkness and I think about how much things have changed in our lives over the past two decades. How so many people have moved through our lives and affected our hearts. How it all continues to move and shift and sometimes shake us up.

The dock lights are slowly winking on and I'm pondering it all with such a grateful heart. It's very beautiful and I know that it is and I don't know why I have it all while others suffer so. The world seems such a place of extremes to me today... the pendulum swings far to the left and then far to the right. I can barely keep up. I don't always want to. Ugliness abounds. We judge people by soundbites... and by trying to cram puzzle pieces into places they were simply never meant to go. And we forget - oh how we forget - that ALL of us... every last breath of dust of us... is human. And most of us are just doing the best we can with what we have been given.

I heard a husband say to his wife today... "Don't worry about the the things you can't control. Just worry about how you react to and deal with the circumstances and situations at hand." Her response was that in her moments of highest anxiety, she will think about her husband and her kids and realize that no matter how poorly she may be performing out there in the world, when she comes home... they will not ever love her any less." I thought that was so simple. And so beautiful. See... kindness abounds too.

And it is without a doubt where my own truest wealth lies.